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Temporary Staffing

Merits of PCS

It's a chance to take advantage of your career on a per project basis.

It’s a chance to take advantage of your career on a per project basis.

Project and Contract Specialists(PCS) is a new contracting style service that focuses on specialists and managers. Unlike traditional contracting services that cater to administration level positions, PCS offers placement options in the form of contract, temporary, and temp to permanent positions suitable for those with more experience and technological backgrounds. Experts from each field offer you high quality positions that match your background.

Focus on your Work-Life Balance.

Focus on your Work-Life Balance.

PCS offers the opportunity to retain your job title and position, but because it is on a contract basis, there is a higher level of freedom in retaining your work life balance through means such as pre-determining your exact work hours. Additionally, PCS is about placing you in positions that focus on your skills, meaning a higher expected income compared to general administrative temporary placements. This is a new way of working for those that want to balance their career and their private lives.

Restart your career in an appropriate environment, even if you have a blank period.

Restart your career in an appropriate environment,

even if you have a blank period. Over the years there has been an increase in corporations that search for specialists and managers on a contract basis. Because PCS focuses on your career prior to leaving the work force, the positions we offer are based on that career too. Many people start out as temporary or contract based staff, and move on to become full-time.

PCS Case Studies

Case1 Ms. F (25)

Returned to the work force as a manager with a 20% income increase, even after a 2 year blank period.

At the time that Ms. F was job searching, it had been 2 years since she had left her previous job. She had been considering temp staffing, but the only positions that the major temp staffing agencies proposed were administrative positions. This was neither acceptable from a career development perspective, nor a compensation perspective, but she remained without acceptable offers. PCS saw Ms. F’s experience as an HR manager, and offered her a position that was open for a pharmaceuticals company that was in need of a temporary HR manager. Several months after her temporary contract, she was promoted to full-time, and increased her compensation 20% over her previous job.

Case2 Mr. Y (54)

With experience, your age can be a benefit.

Starting with temp placement led to a managerial position at the company. At his last employer he had an unexpected interruption of his career as part of a large scale restructuring effort at the company. Nearing his mid 50’s, the job market was not an easy sea to navigate, and soon he had a 2 year unemployment period. PCS saw Mr. Y’s long experience in supply chain, and leveraged his immediate availability within the field as a sales point. This matched perfectly with a company that needed an expert that could start immediately, and his contract started. Mr. Y was accepted as a permanent employee within just 1 month of his contract, and increased his salary from the original 6 million yen on contract time, to 8 million yen.

Case3 Ms. K (41)

Advanced career as a specialist at a global corporation after 3 years caring for a family member.

Ms. K had to leave her last employer of over 10 years in order to provide care to a family member. After 3 years out of employment she was ready to revitalize her career, but with only 1 previous employer (a 20 person company) on her CV. This is when she reached out to PCS, and received an offer from a global corporation. After her temp placement term was up for renewal, she received an offer as a contract employee. The corporate scale and responsibilities proved to be a career builder with fresh opportunities, and she remains with the company today.