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Why you should work with recruiters

by Daniel Muñoz

I have heard different opinions about companies that, despite already having a well-established HR team with people focused on hiring, use recruitment agencies, and I am sure you have had different experiences as well. However, here I present four reasons you should work with recruiters and consider them your business partners, no matter the structure and size of your organization:

  1. A different view of the market. Recruiters see the market from a different perspective. They know what changes companies are going through, and they have a better understanding of the market.
  2. Save time and money. Good recruiters (the ones you can consider business partners) will save you time and money: time, because they will screen candidates for you and provide you a shortlist from which you can choose among the best candidates available; and money, because you don’t need to publish your job advertisement, and you don’t need to conduct seminars or anything else to let candidates know about your open position. In the end, you lower the risk of hiring the wrong person.
  3. Specialist in your area. Good recruiters will understand your industry and your needs, and how the market is evolving. Good recruiters know (or should know) what your competitors are doing, too.
  4. Access to more (and better) candidates. When you don’t work with recruiters, you only get access to applicants (people who saw your advert and decided to apply). You will be missing a huge opportunity to reach other candidates who might be looking for a job but didn’t apply directly to your company, or to people who are not actively looking but could be a great asset to your company.