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Why companies should consider hiring temporary workers

by Daniel Muñoz

When companies look for new talent, they usually focus on candidates who can remain with the firm for a long time (in some cases, until the person retires). However, we have seen that, in recent years, many people change jobs after a few years, turning “lifetime employment” into a concept from the past or into a practice that exists only in traditional Japanese companies.

In my experience as a recruiter, I have seen many companies lose opportunities to get excellent talent because a candidate has changed jobs a few too many times, because that person is too senior, or because that individual is currently out of a job, just to mention a few reasons. If you take a moment to consider different ways to get the right talent, you will realize that there might be many other options you haven’t considered, and one of them is to hire someone on a temporary basis.

Some of the benefits of temporary workers for companies are:

They lower your risk: How many times have you hired someone you thought was the perfect candidate but turned out to be just a disappointment? By hiring a person as a temporary worker, you can actually see his/her performance before you extend a permanent offer, which will reduce significantly the risk of a mismatch.

They save you time and money: In addition to saving you the time and money associated with a mismatch, hiring a temporary worker will save you a lot of work, because it will be the agency who takes care of payroll, insurance, pension, and all that paperwork.

They give you flexibility: As an organization, you can adapt much more quickly to changes within your company, such as maternity or sick leaves, vacations/sabbaticals, special projects, and sudden resignations, or to changes in the market, such as unexpected or irregular temporary demands and seasonal changes.

They give you immediate availability of resources: The hiring processes for temporary workers are much shorter than those for permanent workers, so you can have the right talent joining your organization right away.

They bring specific skill sets: Because most of them work as professional contractors, they can bring the precise skills you are looking for in a specific project, or they can cover the skilled person who is on an extended leave. You won’t need to train them to do what you want them to do, because they have already done it or done something similar.

For all this to work smoothly, companies must take the hiring of temporary workers seriously. Temporary workers can be valuable assets to your company, and you should conduct the hiring process and foster an environment that is in line with this.

There might still be quite a long way to go regarding temporary workers, but this is clearly taking off. We have seen many contractors who have helped many companies in difficult situations, as well as many companies realizing the value of temporary employees. Let’s hope this trend keeps growing.