Weekdays: 8:30AM - 6:00PM
Yuko Umehara,
OfficeNagoya Office
TeamNagoya Office
LanguagesJapanese, English, Spanish
EducationMaster of Laws from the Graduate School of Laws, Soka University of Tokyo

Yuko Umehara


Nagoya Office

The Nagoya office provides a wide array of support for candidates switching jobs and wishing to work in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, or Shizuoka, including career counseling, recruitment proposals, and interview training. To meet the needs of even greater numbers of potential job-switchers, we have on hand specialist consultants who handle a broad range of industries and occupations, including HR/administration, accounting, sales, manufacturing, distribution/procurement, and IT.


Yuko Umehara was born and raised in Spain. She decided to come to Japan in 2004 to study for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law. After graduation, she started to work as a Operator staff at a Japanese Travel Agency and she was mainly in charge of Europe. However, she desired a position where she could use her knowledge and language skills, so she decided to enter the luxury cosmetics market. Subsequently, she wanted to be part of a faster paced and more dynamic industry. Therefore, she decided to enter the renewable energy industry, where she established a career as a business development manager. In 2016, she started as a professional consultant at en world Japan’s Nagoya branch. She specializes in sales, marketing, and general business development.