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Yuichi Aoki,
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamNIKKEI Division
EducationHosei University Faculty of Economics

Yuichi Aoki


NIKKEI Division

This division serves Japanese companies, primarily in the IT, internet, HR and Finance & Accounting sectors, and focuses on building deep relationships with a limited number of companies with a high volume of projects. We meet with multiple people at each company to gain a deeper knowledge of their visions, concepts, strengths, and problems. In addition to using the en Japan network, we cultivate new client relationships through our own network of venture capital firms, auditing firms, and others. We meet with talented individuals and suggest placements even to those who do not have clear positions in mind before using our services, and in fact roughly half of our successful placements did not start out with a clear target job. We believe that we offer people the opportunity to connect with their ideal position rather than simply moving them from one job to another.


A native of Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture, Yuichi joined en-japan in 2006 after graduating from university. Following involvement in corporate sales and marketing, the start-up of a business office and management in the Company’s new employment information media division, Yuichi moved to a social game company in 2011. He worked on the sales and marketing of social media-based video rewards and acquisition-type rewards to E-commerce and web service companies as well as national clients. Yuichi began working for the largest recruitment company in Japan in 2012 as a corporate sales representative, covering a broad spectrum of companies. He joined en world in 2014 as a Consultant specializing in Japanese IT and web industries.