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Rika Kato,
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LanguagesJapanese, English
EducationAichi University of Education

Rika Kato


Nagoya Office

The Nagoya office provides a wide array of support for candidates switching jobs and wishing to work in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, or Shizuoka, including career counseling, recruitment proposals, and interview training. To meet the needs of even greater numbers of potential job-switchers, we have on hand specialist consultants who handle a broad range of industries and occupations, including HR/administration, accounting, sales, manufacturing, distribution/procurement, and IT.


Rika is mainly responsible for introducing Finance & Accounting, HR/GA, Legal, Intellectual Property and Compliance professionals to foreign- and Japan-based companies in the Tokai area. Prior to joining en world, Rika worked for a relocation service company, where she was in charge of customer support for employees of foreign-affiliated companies assigned to offices overseas. She also experienced in recruiting and training new employees. After she joined en world, Rika has established a strong network in Tokai area and has been successful in recruiting talent for various positions.