Weekdays: 8:30AM - 6:00PM
Peter Doolan,
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamSupply Chain Procurement Division
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
EducationEarlham College – Japanese Studies; Waseda – SILS – 2004-05

Peter Doolan


Supply Chain Procurement Division

Voted #1 in the market in 2014, the Supply Chain & Procurement Division has 13 members and successfully introduces over 100 people each year across all industries for positions including supply chain, direct & indirect procurement, logistics, demand/supply & production planning, customer service/order management, quality/EHS, 3PL Sales & Operations, and more. As one of the first Supply Chain & Procurement teams established in Japan, the team has built its success as an industry leader by establishing solid trust relationships with our clients and has a vast network and database of 12,000 SCM & Procurement professionals, growing at a pace of 2,000 people every year. Our consultants maintain a broad and clear picture of both the Japan and Asia talent markets, enabling us to provide truly long-term career and recruitment consulting to our clients who repeatedly come back to us for support and advice. We sincerely look forward to assisting with your career building & hiring needs.


I am originally from New Hampshire, in the United States, but have lived in Japan since 2008. My interest in Japan started during high school, when my family had an opportunity to host an exchange student from Okinawa. Following that I studied Japanese in college, and had an opportunity to spend a year at Waseda University, where I had an opportunity to experience life in Japan first hand. After graduating, I entered Cole Haan, working in their distribution center, and had my first experience working in Supply Chain Management. While I enjoyed the job and the challenges of the industry, I wanted to return to Japan, so like many other foreigners, I got a job teaching English. For the next 3 years I worked in Kofu, Yamanashi focusing on children’s education. I have been part of the en world Supply Chain & Procurement Division since 2012.