Weekdays: 8:30AM - 6:00PM
Peng Pheng Tan,
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamIT Divison
LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese
EducationHokkaido University

Peng Pheng Tan


IT Divison

The IT Consulting and Technology Divisions have been key drivers of our business for over 10 years and are highly experienced in the recruitment of bilingual, IT professionals. Currently we have the two divisions, with one division focusing purely on internal IT experts from mid-career to CIO and from highly technical roles to business-oriented analysis, project management and BPR functions. Our IT division specializes in Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Goods,Manufacturing, Retail and Pharmaceutical industries amongst others.


Originally from Malaysia, Peng Pheng arrived in Japan to pursue her MBA in Hokkaido University back in 2010. Upon graduation, she embarked on her recruiting career with coverage in HR, GA and IT. She brought with her rich work experiences as a successful marketing practitioner back in Malaysia where she has built her career in large international UK and US companies.