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Mayu Kusunose,
OfficeNagoya Office
TeamNagoya Office
LanguagesJapanese, English
EducationInternational and Comparative Law, College of Law and Politics, Rikkyo University

Mayu Kusunose

Senior Consultant

Nagoya Office

The Nagoya office provides a wide array of support for candidates switching jobs and wishing to work in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, or Shizuoka, including career counseling, recruitment proposals, and interview training. To meet the needs of even greater numbers of potential job-switchers, we have on hand specialist consultants who handle a broad range of industries and occupations, including HR/administration, accounting, sales, manufacturing, distribution/procurement, and IT.


Mayu joined a foreign consulting firm in Tokyo after graduating from university. As a member of the Government Office Division, she was involved in multiple business system improvement projects relating to government ministries and agencies. Mayu subsequently worked for a business company in the area of IT-related overseas sales before relocating to Nagoya, where she joined en world Japan. She provides career consulting services to IT related candidates considering a career change in the Tokai Region, while referring the optimum human resources to client companies seeking talent.