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Kenta Kakumoto, Industrial Business and Services Division
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamIndustrial Business and Services Division
LanguagesJapanese, English
EducationChuo University

Kenta Kakumoto


Industrial Business and Services Division

The Industrial Business & Services Division focuses on Sales, Marketing, Consultant, Engineering and Service positions in B2B Certification, Consulting, Market Research and most manufacturing companies (excluding Automotive and Chemical). While our reach is broad, each consultant has their own specialties in order to ensure we can provide relevant advice and market knowledge for our candidates. We take a look at each candidate from not only the standpoint of how their skills fit in the marketplace, but how their technical knowledge can be used in their next position. Whether your strength lies in your strong Sales and Marketing skills or your extensive technical knowledge in even the most niche markets, we are confident to support our candidates quickly and effectively.


Kenta Kakumoto has held a wide range of positions from the staff level right up to the country management level, mainly in foreign and Japanese companies with global reach focusing on trading companies and the manufacturing industry. He offers a best-match service for people wanting to change careers and for companies looking for new employees. Feel free to speak to him at any time. Brief personal record: Kenta spent time as an exchange student at the University of Texas at Houston while a student at Chuo University. After graduating, he entered the fisheries trading department of a Japanese food company where worked as a crab salesman with a variety of responsibilities including overseas sales and purchasing as well as production management. Following that, he joined en world Japan as a representative in charge of research/headhunting, and subsequently rose to the position of consultant. He provides a wide degree of support for career change projects right up to country manager class for overseas manufacturers.