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Chiharu Yamamoto,
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Chiharu Yamamoto


Kansai Office

Since opening our Kansai office in 2005, our business has continued to grow. We currently provide service to companies in the Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu areas, in addition to the Osaka area. We pride ourselves on our ability to introduce foreign-owned companies and Japanese-owned global firms to bilingual, high-class, executive talent. In the Kansai area, in particular, we possess a wide-ranging network, abundant experience, and a proven track record. Thus, we are able to provide the strategies required for successful recruitment when we start to advise the companies and talented individuals who use our services.


Chiharu is in charge of HR, Legal, and Accounting & Finance positions for foreign- and Japanese-owned companies in the Kansai region. She handles a wide range of positions from the general staff level to the senior level—and even Director / CFO positions. Every day, she takes pains to communicate closely with candidates and client firms. After graduating from the Ritsumeikan University College of International Relations, she worked as a consultant in the educational services industry before assuming her current position. It is her belief that a consultant’s mission is to understand not only candidates’ experience but also the appeal, greatness, and value that they offer but that might not come across in a résumé and to accurately convey those aspects to provide better matches.