Weekdays: 8:30AM - 6:00PM
Chiaya Hasegawa,
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamIT Divison
LanguagesJapanese, English, Spanish
EducationKwansei Gakuin University
QualificationDELE B2, Assistant certified public accountant

Chiaya Hasegawa


IT Divison

The IT Consulting and Technology Divisions have been key drivers of our business for over 10 years and are highly experienced in the recruitment of bilingual, IT professionals. Currently we have the two divisions, with one division focusing purely on internal IT experts from mid-career to CIO and from highly technical roles to business-oriented analysis, project management and BPR functions. Our IT division specializes in Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Goods,Manufacturing, Retail and Pharmaceutical industries amongst others.


Chiaya Hasegawa was born in Peru when Fujimori was president. She then spent her kindergarten years in Japan, living in Hachioji, Tokyo, and subsequently immigrated with her family to Mexico. During her high school years, she spent time in Florida where she learned English. After graduating from university, she worked as an Assistant Certified Public Accountant at KPMG AZSA LLC. Following that, she traveled around the world and spent time in Spain studying Spanish, and then joined en world Japan in 2014. “She was different to all the other agents I first spoke to at en world, and first wanted to understand not what I had done up to that point, but what I really wanted. Once she understood that, she introduced me to a multitude of interesting projects. I was very impressed. I chose a company to enter after being impressed with both her interview preparation and multifaceted follow-up skills, as well as her consideration for my situation, and was doubly impressed with this kind of globally minded consultant.” She is currently a member of the IT team and has connections with a number of professionals including software engineers, business analysts, IT project managers, data analysts, data scientists, IT planners, help desk personnel, and IT infrastructure engineers. In the current career change market, which is moving towards globalization and further enhancement of IT, she has had dealings with a number of individuals and she always inquires after an applicant’s intentions. She attends numerous events, and in addition, has held many events for global engineers as well. Many people have attended and found employment through these events. There are many requirements when changing careers. Chiaya will use her knowledge and experience cultivated up to this point in helping you to secure a quality career.