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Chiaki Arai,
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamLife Science Division

Chiaki Arai

Senior Consultant

Life Science Division

Since its birth in 2009, the Life Science team has swiftly become one of the most prominent and and rapidly growing divisions in not only en world, but also the Tokyo Life Science market. With a primary focus on pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, en world matches the best opportunities in commercial, regulatory, and R&D with the industry’s top talent. Now, having grown to a team of ten consultants and three researchers, the Life Science team has the expertise, team work, and capacity to deliver outstanding results from Junior to Executive level. As the 2nd biggest healthcare market in the world, Japan continues to attract healthcare innovators looking for top local talent, and the en world Life Science team continues to be at the frontier of the many opportunities ahead.


After graduating from university, Chiaki spent 10 years at a major recruiting service company. Specializing in the pharmaceutical industry, she covered a broad range of positions including DM, PMS and clinical monitors, as well as quality assurance, research and development, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and MR professionals. She subsequently joined en world, where she now provides recruitment support as a member of the Life Science Team.