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Aki Nagashima, Industrial Business and Services Division
OfficeTokyo Office (Headquarters)
TeamIndustrial Business and Services Division
LanguagesJapanese, English
EducationDokkyo University

Aki Nagashima


Industrial Business and Services Division

The Industrial Business & Services Division focuses on Sales, Marketing, Consultant, Engineering and Service positions in B2B Certification, Consulting, Market Research and most manufacturing companies (excluding Automotive and Chemical). While our reach is broad, each consultant has their own specialties in order to ensure we can provide relevant advice and market knowledge for our candidates. We take a look at each candidate from not only the standpoint of how their skills fit in the marketplace, but how their technical knowledge can be used in their next position. Whether your strength lies in your strong Sales and Marketing skills or your extensive technical knowledge in even the most niche markets, we are confident to support our candidates quickly and effectively.


After graduation from university, Aki joined a major educational service company, where she helped to open new offices, fostered staff, and trained new area-based employees as regional manager. Since 2007, she worked for a major advertising firm. As an area sales representative, she helped local SMBs hire mid-career professionals. She joined en world Japan in 2013, where she has been in charge of recruiting mid-career professionals from both small- and mid-sized start-ups to large firms. Aki specializes in overseas sales, business planning, management planning, and project managers for specialized trading firms. She mainly handles recruiting projects for overseas sales, regional presidents, sales managers, business planning, and marketing for global manufacturers (machinery, industrial equipment, and electricity industries); and construction consultants, construction companies, and engineering companies in the construction industry. Successful placements include: Overseas business planning manager at consumer goods manufacturer with top market share in industry (annual income of 13 million yen) → Regional president overseas at major food manufacturer (annual income of 16 million yen) Overseas sales at Japanese manufacturer (annual income of 6.5 million yen) → Project manager at leading general trade company (annual income of 7.5 million yen) Manufacturing president at manufacturing subsidiary of auto parts supplier (annual income of 10 million yen) → General manager of global production at major machinery manufacturer (annual income of 12 million yen) In addition to many open positions, I offer a broad range of confidential positions. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in information related to career development. I give consultation and service including advice for successful career development, market information, and tips on interview preparation. I offer helpful information to those who are considering long-term career.