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en world and en moment


There are people who want to develop their career and there are people looking for the right talent to join their team. By connecting them, we can create long-term success for both sides. That is the mission of en world


en world has five core values that guide our relationships with candidates, clients and colleagues.

Integrity Honesty and accountability are absolutes.Quality Doing it right is always worth the effort.Teamwork Drives our mutual success.Continuous improvement Every day is chance to improve.Customer service Focused on trusted long-term partnerships not short-term transactions.

Our brand

Our roots spring from the Japanese concept of “en”, which expresses ideas of connections and fate. The “en moment” concept was born from our commitment to connecting people to bring about their mutual long-term success.

en moment

“That was the moment I changed” – experience this moment with us to provide the opportunity for anyone to have this epiphany.

The “en”, or bond, is en world’s fundamental concept for business. It represents our aim to pursue the best “en” to deliver long-lasting success.

Even with our candidate lists in all industries and a global talent search system, we never make matching decisions only based on data. In order to find the “en”, our accomplished consultants meet in person with both hiring companies and potential candidate, which helps them consider options outside the box to make the past decisions.

Our mission is to create a bond between the candidate and the company. We believe that our philosophy and diligent selection process is what produces results – not just chance.

We are looking to spread the concept and the message of the en moment, to professionals who are either hiring or seeking.

en moments collaboration videos
We interviewed staff from companies that use en world’s recruitment services to learn about their en moments. The videos show their personal stories and serve as a platform to present the culture and characteristics of the company they work for.
Gap Japan – Ms. Yoko Sato
IBM Japan – Mr. Ichiro Shikanai
JLL – Mr. Sho Ito

en moment essay content
“What moment changed your life, therefore your career?” We put the call out on our website for en moment experiences between January and February 2016. One participant who goes by “Yamaken” won the 2016 best en moment award with his story, which we made into a short video. We then invited the three guest speakers and everyone whose submission was nominated to a special event.
Best en moment award 2016 video – Yamaken (Japanese only)